Beyonce and Jay-Z Leave St. Barth with Blue Ivy

BeyonceAfter spending four beautiful days on a yacht, Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles were spotted in St. Barth, France with Baby Blue Ivy on Saturday (September 8).

Getting ready to head back home, the Hollywood couple looked relaxed after their trip around the Mediterranean Sea.


Jay-Z can’t put his daughter Blue Ivy (b. January 7, 2012) down as he and Beyonce vacation aboard their yacht in the South of France. Beyonce snaps pictures of Blue in Jay-Z’s arms before the new family lays down to relax together on a sun lounger

Beyonce & Jay-Z enjoy some rest and relaxation with Baby Blue Ivy

Beyonce+Knowles+Jay+Z+Beyonce+Yacht+gQ5FsgTaUTNlEnjoying some rest and relaxation, Beyoncé Knowles and Jay-Z cuddled up with their daughter Blue Ivy while vacationing through the Mediterranean Sea in the South of France on Thursday (September 6).

Showing off her naturally curly hair, the “Single Ladies” singer looked comfortable in a loose white dress while her hubby walked around on deck wearing lime green shorts and a white tee-shirt.

Jay-Z and Beyonce at the Made in America Festival


With his inaugural Made in America Festival in full swing, Jay-Z took advantage of a little downtime by watching the performances with his lovely wife, Beyonce Knowles, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Saturday (September 2).

The music power couple laughed it up with friends and loved ones including director Ron Howard as they sipped on drinks and took in the music while situated backstage at Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

The statistics make it clear that Treating aging skin and skin disorders is a major market factor

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Much of the writings of historians display the conquests of the most powerful nations over less powerful ones. Comparing international relations since the end of the century can be like observing playing with a puppy and singing with a blackbird.

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